To indicate to consumers that products implementing the MPEG-H TV Audio System will interoperate correctly, Fraunhofer operates the MPEG-H TV Audio System trademark program. The program is optional and administered without charge by Fraunhofer.

Program Overview

Free of charge

Fraunhofer operates the program without any fees or charges. Manufacturers are responsible for testing fees charged by independent authorized test centers for end-product testing.

Complete and Thorough Testing Ensures Interoperability

While no testing program can guarantee to catch every bug, the program has been designed to thoroughly test the user interfaces, input and output connections, audio controls and processing, and basic MPEG-H decoding functions of a product. This ensures connection issues with other trademarked components are minimized.

Consumers Readily Identify MPEG-H Products

The MPEG-H Trademark is an indication to consumers that a product design has passed third-party testing to verify MPEG-H functions as it should, so they may purchase it with the confidence that it will work with other MPEG-H devices and deliver programming with advanced audio features.

Reduced Testing Effort

The program includes test bitstreams, test fixtures, worksheets, and procedures already designed to verify system features are implemented correctly, saving the time and effort to develop internal test programs. Advanced features of the MPEG-H system, including those outside the audio decoder, are tested as well.

Products Meet Broadcaster Expectations

The program test suites verify that products include the features and profiles that broadcasters use in their programming, preventing consumer disappointment when their device does not support viewing programs with additional audio elements.

Freedom to Innovate

The program does not constrain the look and feel of a manufacturer's user interfaces, or demand a high level of reproduction quality. Manufacturers are free to select appearance and performance points that match their market requirements. Products are never inspected by Fraunhofer, only by independent authorized test centers. Manufacturers may also use the test materials for internal testing and development.

Authorized Test Centers

Licensed Decoder Providers

The following companies have been licensed to provide Decoder Test Certificates for decoder components or software that have been tested for compliance with the MPEG-H TV Audio System trademark program. End-product manufacturers may use these decoder components or software and accompanying certificate or test their own decoder implementations as a prerequisite to end-product testing.

Licensed Original Design Manufacturers

The following companies have been licensed to provide end-product designs that have been tested for compliance with the MPEG-H TV Audio System trademark program. End-product manufacturers may offer these products under their own brand with the MPEG-H trademark by joining the trademark program.

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